Thursday Thoughts – Milk Makeup KUSH Fiber Brow Gel

February 28, 2019

In my opinion, one of the most important steps in my attempt at perfecting a 10-minute face of no-makeup makeup is the brows. In my every day full face routine, brows definitely takes the longest, so it’s imperative I find ways to cut time off of that step. So, when I heard rave reviews about the @milkmakeup KUSH Fiber Brow Gel ($18 for .15 ounces at @sephora), I purchased it in hopes that it would be the answer to my prayers!
What it claims:
🔘 A tinted, vegan brow gel formulated with thickening, heart-shaped fibers and conditioning, hemp-derived cannabis seed oil for long-lasting fullness, shape and definition
🔘 Cruelty, paraben, gluten, fragrance and silicone-free
🔘 Transfer-proof formula comes in three shades that adjust to work across all hair colors
My experience:
🔘 I purchased the shade Dutch (medium).
🔘 I have used it on multiple occasions – both as a setting gel on top of an already filled in brow and on a brow that had no product on it.
👍🏻👎🏻 When using it with an already filled in brow (which I did today), it darkens the hairs and adds slight dimension.
👍🏻👎🏻 When using it without any other brow product, it adds color, but I don’t notice any additional fullness.
👎🏻 It’s a messy product. I have to spend a decent amount of time (more than I would like) cleaning off the brush before using it on my eyebrows or I run the risk of it getting all over my skin.
👎🏻 I don’ have super thin eyebrows, but I have a difficult time with the brush because I think it’s too thick.
👎🏻 Using it both ways, it doesn’t hold my brows into place. I have yet to use a clear brow gel on top because I thought that would be unnecessarily repetitive, but I think I’ll need to start if I want them to stay put for any length of time.
My verdict?
Unfortunately, my hunt for the perfect low maintenance makeup day brow product begins again. While I don’t hate this one, it didn’t do nearly enough of what I envisioned it would do to consider repurchasing. I’ll use it up by layering it on top of already filled in brows with a clear brow gel on top, but won’t be using it again on bare brows.
Do you have a favorite tinted brow gel?

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