Must Have Monday – ULTA Beauty Bronzer Brush

February 11, 2019

I’m not a huge fan of stockpiling products that can only be used in one season because of the shade. I know I need to do it with foundations, but I like to be able to use most powder products year round. What I have found is the best way for me to make a bronzer, for example, work for my skin when it’s at it’s palest (now) and darkest (middle of summer) is all in the brush and, in this case, the @ultabeauty Bronzer Brush ($16 at ULTA).
What it claims:
🔘 Precision or all-over bronzer application
🔘 Best used with loose or pressed powders
🔘 Premium Synthetic Bristles
🔘 Fluffy, tapered brush head and round ferrule
🔘 Can be used for powder or blush application as well
🔘 Bristles: 1.9″
🔘 Full Brush: 7.4″
Why I love it:
👍🏻 I use this brush to apply bronzer all over the perimeter my face. It gives me the most blended out, airbrushed look to the product.
👍🏻 When I’m feeling a little extra, I can also slightly chisel out my cheekbones with this because of the tapered tip.
👍🏻 Occasionally, I get too much product on the brush, but this does an excellent job of blending it out and making it look how I had originally intended.
👍🏻 In a pinch, this is a great multi-purpose brush. It can be used for setting powder and blush, along with bronzer and contour.
What is your current favorite makeup brush? I have had most of mine for so long, so I need to know what’s out there!

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